Mags and Dave August 2011

Pam – how do I start to condense a million different thank yous into words?
Well, lets start with the simple things ..thank you for absolutely everything!!!! So many memories, so many great emails, so many photographs, so much fun along the way ….. and an absolutely perfect wedding as a result of your endeavours, skill and expertise! We could not have asked for anything more … nor would we have wanted to!!!!! You did more than your job (so many times) and I personally cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for my wife both in the build up and whilst we were in Torri. Mags was absolutely determined that everything would be perfect … and thanks to all the time and effort you put in IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY DETAIL!!!!!!
We have some really great memories of our two trips to Lake Garda thanks to Francesco, the magician with the camera. A really special thanks must go to him A TRUE, TRUE PROFESSIONAL with an unending passion and dedication to get the perfect photograph!
Both of you made us feel so special throughout our whole journey together, as if we were the only people that you were planning for and as if we were the only ones who mattered. However, I know that everybody gets the same treatment, is made to feel incredibly special and gets the same outstanding results. FANTASTIC – you and Francesco really are in the perfect jobs …. and you are such lovely people, it was a real pleasure to have had you both involved.
Finally, Mags and I wish you all the success in the world and would simply say to anybody considering getting married around Lake Garda . once they have found you . look no further, simply pay the deposit, sit back, relax  and look forward to your perfect wedding day.

One extremely grateful newly wed couple
Dave n Mags

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