Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is legally recognised just as if you had married in the UK.

Please see ‘Documents’ page on web site. Your original birth certificates, original divorce decree absolute or death certificates will be sent back to you as soon as they are returned to us from the consulate.

Yes, both Malcesine and Torri del Benaco castles have terraces with fabulous views where you can be legally married. Torri del Benaco castle also has wedding ceremonies in their lemon grove. (weather permitting for all of these options).

This depends on where you are marrying. Malcesine and Torri del Benaco accept marriages Mon-Sat, whereas other town halls restrict weddings to certain days and times of the week.

A copy of your wedding certificate is sent to the British Consulate in Italy. You can have your marriage documents deposited with the General Register Office when you get home (GRO). This isnt compulsory, but it means your marriage certificate is kept by the GRO as an official record and you will be able to easily get copies of it in the future. (The wedding certificate will need to be translated if it’s not in English).

Yes, you can remarry in a legal civil ceremony. Italian Law requires women to have been divorced for at least 300 days before they can remarry.

Yes, but only in some resorts. Please note they insist on you both being practicing Catholics, never married before and  require your local priest to contact the Italian church direct (we can help with contact addresses etc).

Yes, we are more than happy to do so.

This depends on where you are marrying (normally1-3 days), but we would recommend you arrive at least 2 working days before your wedding date.

If you let us know when you would like to marry we can check if the date is available with the town hall concerned. They will normally give us a verbal confirmation and then written confirmation around September of the year before (this changes slightly from town to town). Once we have written confirmation, we will require a deposit from you in order to secure the date.

As soon as you decide that Lake Garda is where you want to get married! (Ideally at least 3-4 months before). Obviously dates and venues are booked on a first come basis so the earlier you book the more likely they are to be available. Town Halls, however, will not generally confirm dates more than 6-8 months before. Bear in mind you need to allow enough time for all the legal arrangements both in Italy and the UK and for you and your guests to organise travel and accommodation.

The ceremony is usually about 20 minutes long, but obviously depends on if you have live music or anyone doing a reading.

The ceremony will be in both Italian and English,  with an English interpreter (obligatory by Italian Law). We will arrange this for you. You may say your vows in either Italian or English, whichever you prefer.

The bride always signs in her maiden name.

Yes, it is part of the Italian wedding ceremony, but not a legal requirement, should you wish for it to be left out.

You will normally receive this on the actual day of your wedding (it varies depending on which town hall).   It is normally an international certificate in both Italian and English.

Yes, we can arrange for musicians to play at the ceremony or have classical music playing from a CD for the arrival of the bride.

Yes, we’re happy to arrange anything you would like (within reason!) Please see the ‘Wedding Extras’ page for the type of extras we can organise. If it’s not there, please ask and we’ll do our best to satisfy your requests.

For peace of mind you can book these as soon as you have your date confirmed by the town hall. You don’t have to pay anything in advance as these are all paid directly to the suppliers.

Send us photos of what you would like and we’ll pass them onto the florist. As long as she is able to get the actual flowers you want, recreating the design for you won’t be a problem.

Yes, no problem.

Let us know which restaurants you are interested in and we can send you some of their sample menus. These are a good starting point and flexible.

No, as long as we know in advance, so we can advise the restaurant.

No problem. We’ll send you a plan of the restaurant and you can then send us your tableplan and we’ll check with the restaurant that it’s possible.

Yes – we work with a variety of musicians for all types of music from piano bar, dance bands  and DJ’s. (Please note there is an additional cost for a music permit, required by law in Italy, which will be shown separately on your quote).

Please make sure you have travel insurance and wedding insurance. There are many companies that can provide these. Find the one that is best for you.

The bride MUST travel home under her maiden name as this is the name that is on both her passport and her flight tickets.

Several airlines now offer the possibilty to carry wedding dresses onto the aircraft as hand luggage or as an extra seat. Check with the airline you are travelling with as to their conditions. If needed, it is possible to have it ironed once you arrive.

We will require a deposit when we confirm your wedding date and you reconfirm to us. The balance will be due 8 weeks before your wedding date.

No, after you decide what you would like us to arrange, we will send you a written quote and ask for a deposit. The only time this will change is if you change what you would like us to book or the number of people attending your wedding changes.

Send us an email and we’ll send you what you need to do next!


There are several ways to contact us. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions.