Basic Wedding Cost
Whilst each individual wedding is a combination of personal choices made by yourselves, there are certain details that need to be arranged in order for your wedding to be legal in Italy and valid throughout the world.

Romantic Weddings on Lake Garda refer to this as the ‘basic wedding cost’. You can use this as a starting point for your wedding budget. The basic wedding cost varies slightly, depending on where you plan to have your wedding ceremony.

Basic wedding cost includes all of the following:

  • – Administration fees.
  • – Italian translation and legalisation fees.
  • – Civil wedding Town Hall fees.
  • – Wedding certificate (multilingual).
  • – Interpreter at ceremony and sworn declaration.
  • – Personal contact and assistance before and during your stay.
  • – Pre-wedding meeting shortly after you arrive to finalise details and go through your day (including accompanying you and interpreting for you at your Sworn    Declaration at the Town Hall, where you sign all the official paperwork presented by us on your behalf, and prepared by them for your wedding).
  • – (Pre-wedding meeting the year before should you wish to come out and go through all the options available to you).
  • – Discreet presence throughout your wedding.
  • – Bridal bouquet (medium size) & matching button hole for the groom (there may be a small supplement for rare/unusual/exotic flowers).